Pursuing Joy; Serving Others – Q+A

The following is a transcription of the Q&A session following Shundrawn Thomas’s talk “Discovering Joy at Work” at the 2020 Fall Executive Forum. Q: I appreciated that you shared the vulnerability of saying [you went through an emotional funk]. I know what that’s like, because I had a real emotional hardship as well. And I think we all go through that, at some certain stage … Continue reading Pursuing Joy; Serving Others – Q+A

Pursuing Joy; Serving Others

The following is a talk given by Shundrawn Thomas at CFI’S 2020 Fall Executive Forum. Shundrawn is a dedicated executive, teacher, husband, father, and author of four books, including Discover Joy in Work. He serves as President of a trillion-dollar global investment management business and speaks nationally on subjects including vocation, leadership, strategy, investments, personal finance, values, and faith.  “Men, for the sake of getting … Continue reading Pursuing Joy; Serving Others