Wisdom-Based Business: Participating in the Kingdom

Authors: Dr. Hannah Stolze & Jenna Watson https://wisdombasedbusiness.org Perhaps you picture your work in the marketplace as funding the kingdom. Kind of like Paul’s tentmaking—it’s there on the side to fuel the real kingdom work. I used to think that way, too. But after many years of researching, teaching, and leading in the marketplace, I have become convinced that many are called to the marketplace … Continue reading Wisdom-Based Business: Participating in the Kingdom

Christian Social Innovation

The following is a transcript of the talk given by Dr. L Gregory Jones at CFI’s 2020 Fall Executive Forum. Dr. Jones is Dean of Duke Divinity School, A. Morris and Ruth W. Williams Professor of Christian Theology and Ministry, senior fellow at the Fuqua-Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethics, and senior fellow at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity. He is the author or … Continue reading Christian Social Innovation

Pursuing Joy; Serving Others – Q+A

The following is a transcription of the Q&A session following Shundrawn Thomas’s talk “Discovering Joy at Work” at the 2020 Fall Executive Forum. Q: I appreciated that you shared the vulnerability of saying [you went through an emotional funk]. I know what that’s like, because I had a real emotional hardship as well. And I think we all go through that, at some certain stage … Continue reading Pursuing Joy; Serving Others – Q+A

Pursuing Joy; Serving Others

The following is a talk given by Shundrawn Thomas at CFI’S 2020 Fall Executive Forum. Shundrawn is a dedicated executive, teacher, husband, father, and author of four books, including Discover Joy in Work. He serves as President of a trillion-dollar global investment management business and speaks nationally on subjects including vocation, leadership, strategy, investments, personal finance, values, and faith.  “Men, for the sake of getting … Continue reading Pursuing Joy; Serving Others

What Dostoevsky Taught Me About Innovation

As Provost, I have oversight of the academic endeavor here at Wheaton, including 500 faculty and academic support staff, curriculum, and students. I graduated from Wheaton in 1983 and went on to NYU to get my doctorate in industrial / organizational (I/O) psychology, which is the study of behavior at work: job design, HR, teamwork, leadership and personal motivations. (This last one represents my area … Continue reading What Dostoevsky Taught Me About Innovation